A Sea of Troubles

A Matter of Faith

The party defeated the “giant toad” in Undermountain, and were lead into the Storeroom where they found The Might of Tempus. After facing off against a horde of demons well beyond their pay-grade, with the assistance of a Planetar (an angelic warrior of Tempus), Roberto Brightwater pledged his faith.

They returned the mighty sword to the monastery in the city, and High Priest Ruben was glad, both for their quest and for Roberto’s new-found faith.

They were approached there by Cassandra Thann, matriarch of House Thann. She asked them to dinner at her mansion, promising to tell the party everything she knew about their quest. She knew of Roberto’s past, and so deemed to help him in his quest. Also at dinner was Zelphar Thann, Cassandra’s son.

After dinner Cassandra promised the guest house to them. During the night, Roberto awoke to find himself in a cage, along with his other companions, each in their own separate cage in a dark room.

Side-quest updates:

Blinded by the Might
Dinner at House Thann



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