A Sea of Troubles

Last of Waterdeep

The party took their gold to market and stocked up on items.

Roberto Brightwater had his armor coated in adamantine, making him less vulnerable to his enemies.

Ielenia and Xi bought themselves each a Cloak of Protection, to improves their reaction times. Xi also bought some protective bracers that caught his attention, seeing as his fists are always in the heat of battle.

Faelyne bought for herself, and her party, a Folding Boat with potentially many uses.

Grocks bought himself bracers like Xi’s, as well as a few rings to protect him in combat and from dangerous falls.

After their day of shopping was over, they visited the library, where they met Cybille. She pointed them toward the history section, where they read about Bowgentle, the wizard whose spellbook Tsernoth is thought to be in possession of.

That night Faelyne took an oath to Silvanus during a night of woodland frolicking.

In the morning, the party were woken by the town guard. Ielanea had been arrested for assaulting town guards. Thovur Waterdeep spoke with Roberto about the incident, and said they feared she had been cursed with lycanthropy. A local magistrate Elric Thornwind offered his legal help for Ielanea’s impending trial, but the group chose to pay off Vellen instead, who made the problem disappear and promised them protection inside Waterdeep.

The next day the party attended the funeral of Zelphar Thann. His mother Cassandra spoke with Roberto, but was frustratingly unable to reveal any useful information about Tsernoth or his whereabouts. She did, however promise to speak well of the Brightwater name, gaining it renown. She also gave Roberto her late son’s Manual of Architecture, hoping it may come of use.



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