A Sea of Troubles

On Morality

The party woke up in cages after having been offered the guest house at Thann Manor. Following a trail of bloody foot-prints and fighting through a number of vampire spawn and their werewolf pets, the party made it upstairs to find Cassandra Thann in a kind of magical trance.

A book they found had bloody letters on it, signed by Tsernoth. They were forced to choose one life to take so that Cassandra could be spared. After much deliberation, Roberto Brightwater put his faith in his god Tempus, who chose fairly who should be the one to die. Immediately, Zelphar Thann fell to the ground, dead.

While Cassandra and her servant Zena wept in the wake of this terrible occurrence, the party strengthened their vow to hunt Tsernoth.

They have stated they will attend Zelphar’s funeral, if they are permitted.



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