A Sea of Troubles

The Elfmaid

Hrolf told the party of the true story of Liriel and the Elfmaid – formerly the Swordrunner.

A young, bright drow mage Liriel set off on a quest for Ruathym with her friend and sword-mate Fjor. Liriel, under advice that the Swordrunner, captained by Hrolf the Unruly and his first-mate Ibn, was the best way to get there. She was told they had recently been captured, and were to be sold into slavery at the infamous Skullport.

Disguising her half-orc companion as a slave, they infiltrated the city, talking and intimidating their way through the various gangs that run the underground city. Eventually, she came upon Hrolf, taken by The Mandible. She managed to buy him, using magical illusions of bags of gold as payment, for which the greedy men eagerly fell.

After finding Ibn amongst The Lowfellows slave cages, she again summoned magical coins to buy him.

Unfortunately, her illusions did not last long enough to stop The Mandible from marching after her, soon followed by The Lowfellows. Amidst the chaos, The Riverborn saw their chance, and an all out battle erupted.

They fled for their lives, barging their way through kuo-toa and leaping and bounding over the docks. Liriel missed the jump aboard, but caught Hrolf’s hand right as she fell unconscious from an arrow in the back, tipped with yuan-ti venom.

As they escaped via the subterranean river, Liriel blasted the decrepit ceiling of the cavern, collapsing part of it and sinking one of the pursuing ships and blocking any others. They all made it out alive.

On their way to Ruathym, Hrolf told of a vicious battle with a sea witch and mer from whom they rescued Xzorsh, who turned out to be a vicious fighter and a handy seaman.

Skipping over the details of Liriel’s quest, either because he didn’t know or didn’t care to tell, Hrolf finally told of the battle with the kraken that finally took Liriel’s life. The foul beast, pummeled with cannon fire and missing a few tentacles, climbed aboard the ship. Xzorsh, untrue to his normal form, missed shooting the beast, but not of any desire to see Liriel suffer.

Unfortunately, the thing swallowed her whole, and she sank with its lifeless corpse to the crushing depths of oblivion. When they returned to Waterdeep, the ship’s name was changed in her honour, and the bust of the ship was carved in her likeness.

The party were understandably shocked, and took time to process the story while quietly sipping away at the harsh drinks that were available aboard the Elfmaid.



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