A Sea of Troubles

To Holgerstead

The party spoke with most of the folks in Ruathym Town. From this they learned that a lot of the respect for Finn Stormfall came via Ulfric Thundred, whom most believed to be truly good, albeit a little soft or annoying.

Faelyne helped Jurgenjan regrow his crops with druidic magic. In return he granted her Living Armor that was his grandmother’s – she was an adept hunter and tracker and apparently made it from the skin of a yeti (or so the story goes…)

The party discovered a strange piece of information from the local blacksmith, who said it was a strange coincidence that when Finn took power the sapphire supply from mines in the north seemed to dry up, while all other gems kept flowing. He never really thought too much about it, but the party seemed intrigued.

Freya, the local tanner, offered to help sneak them out of town. She said that Finn had patrols guarding the border of the forest, making sure his people didn’t wander too far. Apparently relations with Holgerstead weren’t great.

After two days on the road, they met the edge of the forest. As a band of troops rode in behind them, Freya took off to draw their attention and told the party to run.

A few hours into the forest, Grocks spotted a 7ft tall man apparently relieving himself against a tree. After a little caution, and a tense introduction, they met Mirana, Thomal and Alduin- all of Holgerstead.

They spoke with Mirana briefly about their quest so far. She informed them that Talos did not, as the people thought, live atop Stormpeak but it was, in fact, a blue dragon who covets sapphires. Sapphires that mysteriously went missing when Finn took to power… She believes the connection is not mysterious at all, and may have more to say on the matter.

Mirana became short and distrustful when Faelyne mentioned her haru, and his druidic abilities. The three from Holgerstead bid them farewell to continue on their quest. They had not gotten thirty meters before an enormous screech was heard from the skies, and a sea of deep blue washed over the canopy of the forest.

Roberto and Ielenia were struck low in the initial attack – a giant beam of lightning that carved a line through the canopy. Thomal scooped up Roberto and continued running, while Ielenia’s lycantrhopic curse set in, and the terrified werewolf tore off up the forest floor.

Mirana directed them to a pair of stone doors set in the hillside. She placed her circlet in the grooves of the door, and they slid open. Everyone dove inside just to miss another beam of lightning from the evil dragon.

Inside, they rested. And Faelyne and Mirana spoke more of their stories. It seemed they shared a lot in common. Mirana told everyone this was a mythal, an elven word meaning “protection” or “shield” that was generally used to denote a magical barrier of some kind to protect a place. She said this was the grove where Yggdrasil’s Child grew, and that her mother had constructed the mythal.

Inside, they were tested by the construction – a multidimensional maze that stretched their knowledge of the world and their physical abilities to their limits. Each room a reflection of one of the inner planes: positive, negative, order, chaos, fire, water, air and earth. After collecting a set of orbs that worked as keys, the party opened a final, new portal.

They have yet to see what is on the other side.



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