Shade, Waterdeep Shadow Thieves


Vellen is a nimble halfling with a talent for finding the most profitable and least ethical ways to solve his problems.

After an attempted assassination by his own guild-mate when he was part of the Redbrands, he worked with the adventurers to take down Iarno “Glasstaff” Albrek, the man who ran the Redbrands and ordered his assassination.

He followed Iarno to Neverwinter where he awaited trial, and declared to return to a straight life, giving up crime. Iarno was found guilty and sentenced to imprisonment for life. Vellen wasn’t happy with this outcome, and so found his way into the dungeons in Neverwinter and took the man’s life with his own knife. The disillusionment caused by this perceived failure of the system of justice and good sent him back to his old ways.

His actions got him noticed by the Shadow Thieves in Neverwinter, and he quickly ascended to the rank of Shade, now operating the largest segment of the Shadow Thieves in Waterdeep.



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