A Sea of Troubles


The party reunited in Phandalin after Ielenia sent a letter to Roberto Brightwater detailing the information she had received about Tsernoth and his plans.

After arriving in Waterdeep, they met again with Xi, who joined the group.

They await the arrival of High Councilor Trost and Duke Abdel into Waterdeep before they will board the Elfmaid bound for Ruathym. They will arrive in 2 tendays.

After Vellen, head of the Waterdeep segment of the Shadow Thieves, made contact, they heard the name Viekang again. A man seeming to be Tsernoth offered the guild a job to seek this Viekang person in exchange for power. Vellen intends to passively seek this person, as per the request of Faelyne.

Side-quest updates:

Blinded by the Might


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