Blinded by the Might

High Priest Ruben of the monastery to Tempus asked Roberto to retrieve for him The Might of Tempus, a legendary sword supposedly belonging to the god himself, as a right of pilgrimage, after Roberto confessed he did not believe. He told them there was a secret passage recently found in Undermountain that leads to the old storeroom, which is the last known location of the sword. If he did so successfully, Ruben has offered him his old axe, Trollfell.

The bartender Brog at The Grey Griffin told the party the entrance to Undermountain was an elevator at the top of Waterdeep Mountain, but that this was all just rumour and conjecture and he thought it was all children’s stories.

A note found by Roberto Brightwater from Vellen in the Goggles of Night given to him said that Brog didn’t know what he was talking about, and that they should visit Durnan at the Yawning Portal inn.

The party entered Undermountain.

A group of orcs said they were set upon by a giant, toad-like creature and that it killed one of their comrades. The party offered to help them look for their missing companion citing safety in numbers.

The party discovered the secret passage they are looking for is apparently near a statue in the dungeon.

The party came across an elf woman being accosted by a large, toad-like demon. They managed to rescue her but lost their orc companions in the fray.

They descended the secret passage under the Grim Statue, and arrived to find the The Might of Tempus lying against the wall here in the Storeroom.

They were immediately thrown into battle with a large number of terrifying fiends, but a Planetar of Tempus came to their aid. He took Roberto Brightwater’s pledge of faith to Tempus.

Upon returning the sword to High Priest Ruben, Roberto was given the choice of wielding the The Might of Tempus (which only he can use) or Trollfell, the axe initially promised in return for the quest.

Blinded by the Might

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