A Sea of Troubles

Land Ho!

After surviving a large storm at sea, the party made it safely to Ruathym.

They immediately went to speak with Finn Stormfall about matters of diplomacy with High Councilor Trost. After falling short of convincing, Trost suggested they interview other members of the town while he spoke with Finn.

At the temple of Talos they met Ulfric Thundred, the priest there. He seemed to be very convinced that Finn Stormfall was chosen to lead. He also told them that Stormpeak was forbidden to be scaled under their beliefs, as it is said to be a sort of staircase to Talos’ realm. He also told them of Yggdrasil’s Child, and how it was protected and coveted by the peoples of Holgerstead, who were ideologically at odds with the others of Ruathym.

After heading briefly to market, the party returned to the Elfmaid to find Hrolf wailing in sorrow. Ibn quickly and somberly informed them that Xzorsh had been found dead. The body had been hidden amongst crates and barrels, and had been drained of blood and dead as long as three weeks. The party suspect the hand of Tsernoth.

Roberto Brightwater called upon his divine sense to see if the creature was nearby, and only got a faint sense of a fiend somewhere in his vicinity. He was quickly interrupted when undead assaulted the town. It was a small force, but one the town was not prepared for. Luckily, no one was killed and only minor injuries were sustained.

They spoke at length with Duke Abdel after the battle. He told them that he is suspicious of High Councilor Trost, since he was in favour of diplomacy over force, because Ruathym could easily have been defeated in a battle with the Waterdhavian navy.

He told the party that the true key to bring down Finn Stormfall was to understand what his people put their faith in, and where their loyalties lay – if they killed Finn immediately, he would simply become a martyr and give the people more reason to hate the mainland. Ielenia suggested they investigate his sudden and meteoric rise to power, which Abdel agreed would be the best place to start. He also suggested talking to the people and finding out more about how they felt.

The party resolved to speak more to the people of Ruathym Town before trekking to Holgerstead to investigate more of Finn Stormfall’s past.

Abdel is to stay close-by in Ruathym Town to keep an eye on Trost and the Elfmaid.

Xi decided to leave the party, for reasons unknown – he seemed upset and distracted. He told the party he knew where he was going and not to worry about him, and that their paths might cross once more.



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