A Sea of Troubles

Family Trees

The party stumbled through the portal to land at the top of an enormous waterfall that fed into a stream the lead to the largest tree any of them had ever seen – Yggdrasil’s Child. Its root system covered the floor of the large grove, and the whole place was full of life.

After making it to the tree, Mirana took samples of the waters that pooled in its roots for its healing purposes. She gave one vial to Faelyne, to use how she wished.

Once that was done, all carved their names in the tree, and suddenly were filled with renewed power and vigor. From there, Ielenia teleported them to the town of Holgerstead, using runes Mirana had received from her grand father.

Upon arriving, they were greeted promptly by Valerius, Mirana’s grand father, and leader of Holgerstead. He invited the party to explore the town, and come to feast later in the evening with them in the Longhouse.

There, in the Longhouse, they learnt much about who Valerius was, about Finn and the dragon, and strangely about Faelyne’s forgotten past. He revealed to Faelyne her entire family tree, upon learning that she was raised by Reidoth – Valerius’ twin brother. It turns out Faelyne (meaning “lucky one”) and Mirana (meaning “blue eyes”) are half-sisters, sharing their mother Mirima (meaning “hazel eyes”). She also learnt of her grand mother, Miralda (meaning “green eyes”), and how her and Valerius helped build Holgerstead. And finally, how she came into being – through dark necromancy, only finally undone by her Haru, Reidoth.

During the festivities, they came upon Xi, who offered to continue with them on the next part of their journey. He explained his absence by saying he was near certain that High Councilor Trost was the one who took his eyesight many years ago. Faelyne restored his eyesight with the waters of Yggdrasil’s Child, although he chose to remain blind-folded.

At this moment, Duke Abdel arrived, seemingly via a red, crystalline teleportation device that he held in his hand. He announced that orcish and barbarian ships had landed outside Whitefall, and that they should go at once to stop the horde’s invasion. He then promptly returned to Ruathym Town to keep watching Trost.

The next morning, the town was in mourning. After hearing the fate of his twin, Valerius finally became at peace and returned to the world. The entire town marched his body three days north to the End Sea, where they sent his body onto the water, as is custom. Mirana would now be the leader of Holgerstead. During the party, Faelyne saw a black bear in the foothills nearby, who looked back with a certain glint of intelligence. It then turned and disappeared into the wood.

The party then, with Xi, Mirana, Alduin and Thomal in tow, continued the march north toward Whitefall to take on the horde.



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