A Sea of Troubles

The Battle of Whitefall: Part I

After arriving in the north, Mirana scouted out the surrounds. She found the location of the army Duke Abdel had spoken of. She presented a plan that the group split up, half to try and inspect and disable the army if possible, and half to warn the city and prepare its defenses. Mirana, Faelyne, Ielenia and Grocks took to the camp, while Roberto, Xi, Thomal and Alduin headed for the city.

The camp was quiet, and poorly defended; still under construction. Under cover of darkness, the adventurers decided to take a smash-and-grab approach to decapitate the army. After Ielenia put two guards to sleep, and Faelyne created magical wind to deflect the noise, the team burst in through the tent and cracked the skulls of the two leaders – Uthal Ukrypt and Bjorn Bearslayer. Grocks recovered some extremely valuable items including a Manual of Quickness of Action and a Bronze Horn of Valhalla. Also among the loot was a Bag of Holding containing about 800 gold worth of sapphire gems. They took the bodies with them out the back of the tent, and fled into the night.

Meanwhile, Roberto and his crew had trouble in town. They were almost denied entry into the city – of course, it’s very strange to see new faces on an island. And at the stronghold itself, was duped into giving away 200 gold pieces. Inside, Wren (the leader of Whitefall) was very stand-offish, and refused to acknowledge any of the stories he was told by the adventurers. Roberto touched a nerve, and he called for their immediate arrest. Meanwhile, outside, those 200 gold pieces had been passed around an impoverished working class in the city, who now amassed outside the stronghold as an angry mob. The adventurers called them to action, and eventually the guards turned on Wren, as he had failed to pay them in recent weeks. Roberto left Wren to the mercy of the throng, of which they had none.

The city now prepares its defenses, bolstering the walls against the impending invasion.



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