Talos, also known as The Lord of Storms and The Destroyer, is often depicted as a large, broad-shouldered, bearded man. His alignment is neutral chaotic; he takes orders from no one and gives orders to no one; he is unpredictable like the storms and the seas that are under his domain. His symbol is usually one or more lightning bolts.

Historically, the name and worship of Talos has been publicly used by cults with a love of piracy, violence, pillage, banditry and general chaos. The worship of Talos is outlawed in most civilised lands due to these isolated but very memorable events.

The people of Ruathym famously place their faith in Talos. This is often believed to be a huge factor in the widely held idea that the people are fond of barbarism, torture, mutilation, cannibalism, infanticide and all other manner of evil and uncivilised behaviour.

In reality, his influence over the storm and the seas is so important to Ruathymian survival and livelihood that he is revered. They appease him that he may hold back the storms and the seas that would otherwise destroy them (and did for many hundreds of years until the arrival of Finn Stormfall to the “throne”).


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